Display protection foil matt for Android radio displays

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Display protection film matt for Android radio displays Who hasn't come across this...más
Información del producto "Display protection foil matt for Android radio displays"

Display protection film matt for Android radio displays

Who hasn't come across this situation: the sun is low and that's all you can see on the display. Or the reflection is so strong that you can only see the passenger, but not the contents of the display. Here comes the solution: a custom-fit, matt display protection film. As an extra: the protective film is a so-called "armour film".

If your screen size is not yet available, a custom order is also possible at any time. 



The Frosted Matte display film is anti-glare and anti-reflective. This means you can see everything on your Android radio even when the sun is low in the sky. Unsightly fingerprints on the display are also a thing of the past with our Frosted Matte armour film, because every print disappears after a short time.

This screen protector also has a stylish design with a chic matte look. The particularly elegant and silky surface makes your Android radio even more of an eye-catcher.



Since the protective film comes from the "smartphone" sector, the high-strength and flexible surface is able to absorb shocks and falls 20% better than conventional 9H armoured glass. (What many people don't know is that 9H hardness only confirms resistance to scratches from 9H pencils. In addition, this "certificate" also says nothing about the protective function in case of falls). Of course, we don't need the protection against falls, but it does provide protection against accidental contact of the display with objects in the vehicle. And that is exactly what our armoured film does 20% better than conventional armoured glass.



Our innovative armour film technology impresses with its high-quality glass look and enables simple, bubble-free application. Removal is also possible without leaving any residue. The armour film has a perfect fit and is very easy to clean due to its anti-fingerprint properties. The touch function of the display also works perfectly with our film.
Tutorial for the application of the armour film


Before ordering, please check that the visible surface of the display corresponds to the specified dimensions of the films so that this film will fit.

Currently there are the following dimensions:

  • 153x84mm for 7" Display (e.g. Xtrons PQ7039B)
  • 221x129.5mm for 9" Display (e.g. Xtrons PE9853BIPL)
  • 241x91mm for 10,25" Display (e.g. Xtrons PQ1039BL)
  • 210x78mm for 8.8" Display (e.g. Xtrons PQ8046BL)



Due to the matt surface, the display may be perceived as slightly blurred or blurred. You will quickly get used to this impression and the recognisability of the display absolutely outweighs this effect.
The original protective film should be removed before applying the armour protection film.
The film comes from the cooperation with GreenMNKY.

SCOPE OF DELIVERY 2 pcs. precisely cut, matt armour protection films squeegee... mehr


  • 2 pcs. precisely cut, matt armour protection films
  • squeegee
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Tutorial
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