Fittings for radio in BMW E39

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These holders of the new generation replace the sheet metal holders enclosed with the radio and... daha fazla
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These holders of the new generation replace the sheet metal holders enclosed with the radio and promise an ideal seat of the radio in the mounting shaft of the BMW E39.

The holders are

  • identical in construction for the left and right side
  • made of aluminium
  • provided with a centering countersink for better threading of the screw
  • have a metric M3 female thread (max. tightening torque: 0.6-1.0Nm!)

Assembly instructions (removal of the original BMW radio socket or multifunction mount) may be found here: Mounting instructions

IMPORTANT: The fittings only fit in the 5 series BMW type E39. An ideal fit may only be ensured if only angled adapters for FM antenna, GPS etc. are used at the radio! See also: Adapters and extensions

The holders may be used in the following vehicles:

  • BMW 5 Series E39 (1995-2004)


Scope of delivery: fittings for radio in BMW E39, 2x M3 stainless steel screw with hexagon socket

Note: Colour deviations from the illustration are possible.

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26 Eyl 2021

Excellent product, fast shipping!

Factory like fitting in my e39 limousine. Had a 4:3 BC before. Using this with Eonon GA9201A, fits perfectly, firmly standing in it's place. Needed some adjustment though. Also the original frame needs to be removed. Beware, it's not easy to remove it. But all worth the effort! Excellent product!

25 Haz 2021

Alles bestens.

Die Halter passen perfekt!

1 Haz 2021

Passt super und ist n einer Top Qualität

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