Resler USB I-BUS module incl. cable

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This Resler module replaces the well-known "Resler Interface". It establishes communication... daha fazla
Ürün bilgileri "Resler USB I-BUS module incl. cable"

This Resler module replaces the well-known "Resler Interface". It establishes communication between the I-BUS App or PC and your vehicle.
In addition the Resler module can realise the following functions:

  • Coming/Leaving Home light sequences with the key remote control - without having to switch the radio to "VA" (always or depending on the calculated twilight of the respective location [without light sensor!]).
  • Fold/unfold mirrors with the original key remote control (at E46/E83/E85 only with mirror memory)
  • Start/stop auxiliary heating/ventilation with the original key remote control (except E46/E83/E85)
  • Control of comfort flashing lights, cornering lights, daytime running lights and motorway lights (without Android device)

Please note detailed information regarding the functions of the Resler module

To connect the interface, please follow these instructions: Installation guide Resler-USB-Interface / Resler Module

IMPORTANT: The module can be destroyed by incorrect connection to the vehicle. Short polarity reversal of the connections or connection to the wrong cables are sufficient.

To be able to use the full software range of the I-BUS App an  I-BUS App OBC license is required. Please note: What do I need to use the I-BUS App?

You can find a list of all app functiones here

The app can be used in the following vehicles: 

  • BMW 3er E46 (1998-2007)
  • BMW 5er E39 (1995-2004)
  • BMW 7er E38 (1994-2001)
  • BMW X3 E83 (2004-2010)
  • BMW X5 E53 (1999-2006)
  • BMW Z4 E85 E86 (2002-2008)
  • BMW New Mini One and Cooper R50 (2001-2006)
  • BMW New Mini Convertible R52 (2005-2008)
  • BMW New Mini Cooper S R53 (2001-2006)
  • BMW Range Rover L30 (1999-2003)
  • BMW Rover 75 R40 (1999-2005)
  • BMW MG ZT X10 / ZT-T X11 (2001-2005)
  • BMW Rolls Royce Phantom RR1 (2003-..)

To use the I-BUS App the module is connected to the I- or K-Bus. The module also works with other buses, e.g. P-Bus and M-Bus or other LIN bus systems.

The module can also be used with Navcoder. A driver installation is not necessary in most cases.

Note: Not permitted within the scope of the road traffic act! Installation in a motor vehicle invalidates the operating permission.

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9 Eki 2021

The Best to view all information you need in one screen!

Used it almost 1 year and very proud of it! This helps me to view and maintain my E39 in good working condition! Please keep up with your good work!

30 Eyl 2021

très bon produit

service commercial très performant

26 Eyl 2021

Fast shipping, excellent product and customer service!!

1st class support from the team, excellent quality both the app and the module, superb product!! Using it on my 99 528i e39. ibus app and the ressler module are the best thing happened to the e39 since the facelift :) You guys are the best, wishing you lot of success with love.

22 Eyl 2021


Great job. Super project. I wish the developers continued success

12 Eyl 2021


Je suis très content .Elle fonctionne très bien.

8 Eyl 2021

5 Sterne

1a aufwertung danke weiter so

29 Ağu 2021


I'm very happy with ibus. Good job, waiting for more updates :)

27 Ağu 2021


Fonctionne parfaitement !

4 Ağu 2021

Funktioniert halt. Was will man mehr sagen. Die Möglichkeiten und anzeigbaren Daten sind grandios.

1 Ağu 2021

Fitted ibus in my x5 working very well and loads of settings I still need to spend some time with it to go through it fully but A1 5*

28 Haz 2021

Alles super

Funktioniert wie er soll in gewohnter Qualität.

12 Haz 2021

Alles Super

Super schnelle Lieferung.
Für mich, BMW nie wieder ohne Resler Modul und Ibus App.
Macht weiter so.
Immer wieder gerne.

6 Haz 2021

Alles Supi

alles Blitz schnell bekommen schneller Einbau mega einfach Installation kinderleicht bin sehr zufrieden alles was mit BMW Software nicht Codierbar für I Bus App kein Problem. Ich kanns nur empfehlen.Danke und weiter so..

4 Haz 2021


Superschnelle Lieferung. Und endlich klappen die Spiegel an und die Lichter machen das, was man vorher gesagt hat. Tolles Feature!!

23 May 2021


Hab alles Blitz schnell bekommen und bin mega happy mit allen. Was man jetzt alles einstellen kann is der Hammer wertet das Auto gleich mal richtig auf mit den ganzen Funktionen

19 May 2021

Alles Bestens Danke

Leute das Fahrzeug wir mit so weinig so aufgewertet,Danke und weiter so

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