Sticker "I-BUSApp" 22 x 3,4 cm

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High-quality and color-intensive window sticker in white and orange. Designed as a cut sticker... daha fazla
Ürün bilgileri "Sticker "I-BUSApp" 22 x 3,4 cm"

High-quality and color-intensive window sticker in white and orange. Designed as a cut sticker with single standalone characters.

Length: approx. 22 cm
Height: approx. 3.4 cm
Weatherproof and UV-resistant, exterior adhesive.

Application of the sticker:

  1. Before applying, clean the surfaces to be sticked from dust and dirt and then remove grease residues with a grease solvent.
  2. First press ("squeegee") the sticker firmly against the backing film again.
  3. Carefully peel the adhesive film off the sticker, making sure that the sticker does not curl up and stick to itself.
  4. Hold the sticker roughly at the gluing point, align it and only then place it starting from one end. While doing so, keep the other end slightly under tension and apply little by little. For this purpose, ideally brush with a microfiber cloth in the direction to the loose end.
  5. After the sticker is applied, rub a microfiber cloth several times over the sticker (still with carrier film!) to apply it correctly and to remove any air bubbles.
  6. Slowly(!) peel off the backing film at a flat angle and at an angle to the sticker. Make sure that all characters remain on the sticker.

Please apply the window sticker only on a clean and dry surface. Take care not to restrict the driver's view. Sticking on the windshield and the front side windows is not permitted in all cases!

The adhesive of the sticker usually needs around 48 hours to cure completely. During this time you should avoid exposing the sticker to strong forces or weather conditions. Among other things, do not drive into a car wash during this time. Otherwise, the sticker may be damaged and warped.

It is not advisable to simply tear off the sticker, as this may cause damage to the paint. The foils we use for the car stickers react to heat input. That means you can heat the surface of the sticker with a normal hair dryer. This makes the sticker stretchy and the adhesive comes off. Only after heating can you easily remove the sticker from the vehicle. You can easily remove any residue from the paint or windows with alcohols - methylated spirits or isopropanol (IPA).



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