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Installationskit | Einbauhilfe | 12 teilig | IT-11A
Installationskit | Einbauhilfe | 12 teilig |...
12-piece set for installation and removal of radio, navi and trims A useful lifting tool for safe removal and installation of your car radio. Designed to keep your interior trim in excellent condition and prevent damage to your car from...
9,99 € *
Installationskit | Einbauhilfe | 5-teilig | IT-44
Installationskit | Einbauhilfe | 5-teilig | IT-44
ICE/ACS/IT-44 5-piece car radio tool kit for stereo system installation. Description: Xtrons installation toolkits are high quality tools designed for installation professionals and amateurs. It is ideal for not marking trims and pushing...
18,99 € *
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