Rückfahrkamera 720P AHD| Universal | CAM009S

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  • CAM009S
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Analog high-definition technology

AHD technology enables reliable transmission of high-definition video signals over long distances on analog transmission lines. It uses advanced Y/C signal separation and analog filtering technology that reduces color noise in the high frequency range. Compared with the conventional CVI signal, the AHD image quality is a huge improvement.


Key Features:

  • Small size. The length of each page is smaller than the diameter of a coin.
  • 1280x720 resolution. Capture clearer images day and night.
  • Super wide viewing angle of up to 170°.
  • Waterproof with IP68 rating.
  • Three installation angles. Adjustable angle allows you to see into blind spots and helps increase safety for you and other road users.


Easy Installation
If you want to use it on other devices, please make sure your monitor or radio supports AHD format before purchase.

IMPORTANT: This camera is only supported by AHD compatible devices. The camera is not supported... mehr

IMPORTANT: This camera is only supported by AHD compatible devices. The camera is not supported by Xtrons QE, QS, PSP and PSA series. Please check in advance if your device supports AHD cameras.

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