Xtrons IA1239BLH | BMW E38 E39 | 10" | Android 12 | Octa Core | 4GB RAM | 64GB ROM

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  • IA1239BLH
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Informace o produktu "Xtrons IA1239BLH | BMW E38 E39 | 10" | Android 12 | Octa Core | 4GB RAM | 64GB ROM"





Octa Core

Powered by the flagship Octa Core chip (Cortex A75 x 2 + Cortex A55 x 6) with the most advanced 12nm processing in the automotive industry, XTRONS IA series offers extremely high operating performance and efficiency.



4 GB DDR4 RAM with 2x data transfer rate and high power efficiency, 64 GB solid state ROM.



The latest Android 12

The combination of powerful hardware and Android 12 maximizes performance by giving you the key features you need - more security features, huge amounts of RAM, advanced ultra-fast storage, and the intuitive controls needed for a lag-free workflow.



Connect without limits

Access your data anywhere, anytime! Simply insert a micro SIM card and enjoy the convenience of a 4G mobile broadband connection anywhere, just the way it should be.



The 10.25-inch IPS Wide View display delivers exceptional viewing and provides a sensitive and smooth touch experience with a simple fingertip touch.



Full-featured wireless CarAutoPlay and Android Auto.

Streamline mobile app usage and stay safe while driving. Stream your phone to the unit's screen for GPS navigation or access Siri and Google Assistant voice commands.

  • Supports Android phones with Android 4.3 and above.
  • Supports iPhone 5 and newer models running iOS 8 and later



Built-in AKM DSP

Treat your ears to the best surround sound experience. The AK7735 dual DSP chip (4chADC+4chDAC+4chSRC) provides extensive sound customization capabilities to better utilize your vehicle's sound system and tailor the sound to your tastes and preferences.



  • Integrated Bluetooth 5.0
  • Precise GPS chip
  • USB tethering
  • TDA7851 amplifier chip
  • Dual-band WLAN
  • Support 2K video
  • Picture-in-picture
  • XTRONS Dual UI


OBD2 - Vehicle status diagnosis

The OBD2 function allows you to retrieve real-time data and fault codes from your vehicle's computer. The information received from your vehicle is presented in an easy-to-read format, so you're always up to date on what's going on in the engine.

Note: OBD2 scanner box is not included (XTRONS OBD01S, OBD02, OBD03 and OBD04 are compatible


Video Input Ports

A DVR records your drive from the dashboard, giving you features like collision recording that can lower your insurance premium. A front or rear camera provides a more accurate picture of your surroundings, ensuring a safer ride and safer maneuvers for you and your passengers.

Note: DVR, front camera and rear camera are not included (XTRONS DVR023S, DVR025S, DVR027S, DVR028S, DVR030S, CAM001F, CAM721, CAM1080 and other rear cameras are compatible).


Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Once installed, TPMS sensors automatically monitor tire pressure and temperature and send their status to the driver's seat. You can view the data in real time and keep an eye on your safety.

Hints: Tire pressure monitoring receiver system is not included (XTRONS TPMS07 and TPMS08 compatible).




Dual user-friendly UI
Keep it classic, keep it stylish. The exclusive dual XTRONS user interface presents streamlined menus and intuitive icons in a distraction-free way so you can drive with confidence.


2K video playback
This device is compatible with most video formats, so you and your passengers can watch your favorite movies on the go in perfect clarity and resolution up to 2K.


Picture in Picture
PIP is a floating video player that sits in the foreground of the screen. With this new feature, you can watch your favorite videos while multitasking at the same time.


Dual-band WiFi
Dual-band WiFi supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for increased speed and flexibility. It avoids connection problems or interference and provides more stability.


USB tethering
Connect your phone to the device via a USB cable and configure your smartphone to share the mobile Internet in the settings.


STMicroelectronics TDA7708 radio
The TDA7708 features multiple front-end low-noise amplifiers, multipliers, multipath noise mitigation and integrated RDS decoding, providing optimal quality AM/FM reception.


Optimized CANbus decoding
Optimized CANbus decoding can help you access more information. You can also use the steering wheel controls to operate your music or use the hands-free system without taking your eyes off the road.


GPS navigation with online maps
Supports various navigation systems - GPS, Glonass, Beidou, and maps - Sygic, iGo, Waze, Google Maps, etc. So you can easily get the latest road information and accurate directions.


Bluetooth 5.0
Thanks to the built-in latest Bluetooth module, you can now enjoy interference-free Bluetooth phone calls with higher quality.


4 x 48Watt TDA7851 amplifier output.

With the built-in TDA7851 amplifier that delivers 4 x 48 watts to the speaker channels, you can enjoy great sound that blends perfectly with your in-car environment.


Multitasking with Split Screen
You can run two applications side by side. For example, you can open one window to run navigation on the left while using the other music app to play music on the right.


Supports 32bit & 64bit apps
You can install and run more Android apps, including 32bit and 64bit apps.


Instant access to the rear camera
Access the rear camera quickly and automatically when you are reversing.


Support 1920x1080 rear view camera
XTRONS offers a wide range of rear and front cameras. You can choose from simple rear cameras with distance information to HD cameras (1920x1080) with a wider viewing angle to help you in many driving situations. Note: It is necessary to change the "camera type" in the car radio settings.


Thickened aluminum heat sink
Super cooling solutions and heat sink design allow and maintain higher overall performance while keeping things cool and stable at all times.



Explore your options and optimize your system with our range of accessories. Make the most of in-car technology.

Enjoy audiophile sound in your car

XTRONS USBDAB01/USBDAB02/USBDAB04 are compatible

Monitors your tire pressure and temperature

XTRONS TPMS07 and TPMS08 are compatible

One window for you to diagnose the status of your car

XTRONS OBD01S, OBD02, OBD03 and OBD04 are compatible

Helps you record your driving on the road

XTRONS DVR025S, DVR027S, DVR028S, DVR030S (Supports ADAS) are compatible.

Facilitates the input of information

XTRONS AMK003 is compatible

Ensures the safety of your ride

XTRONS CAM005/CAM006/CAM007/CAM009/CAM001F and AHD cameras CAM721, CAM1080, CAM009S are compatible

Makes Bluetooth hands-free calling safer and easier

XTRONS MIC001 & MIC002 & MIC003 & MIC004 are compatible

Xtrons Series: IA
Produktmaße: Hauptgerät: 90x178x50mm, Frontpanel: 285x119mm
Screen size: 10,25"
Bildschirmauflösung: 1280x480 Pixel
Android Version: Android 12
CPU: MTK 8667
Memory: 64 GB
DVD drive: Kein Laufwerk vorhanden
CarPlay/Android Auto: integrated
BMW Series: 5 Series E39, 7 Series E38
For BMW 5 series E39 (1995 - 2003), 7 series E38 (1994 - 2001)   What do I need to... mehr

For BMW 5 series E39 (1995 - 2003), 7 series E38 (1994 - 2001)


What do I need to upgrade my BMW E38/E39/E46/E53 to an Android-Navi?

Resler module and BC license to display the on-board computer data not included.

Important: This device has no DVD drive.

 ENTHALTENES ZUBEHÖR 1 x ISO-Kabelbaum 1 x RCA-Kabel 1... mehr


  • 1 x ISO-Kabelbaum
  • 1 x RCA-Kabel
  • 1 x 4G-Antenne
  • 1 x Kamerakabel
  • 1 x CANbus-Box
  • 2 x USB -Kabel
  • 1 x GPS-Antenne
  • 1 x CANbus-Kabel
  • 1 x Radio-Antennenkabel
  • 2 x Passende Kabel
  • 1 x Montagesockel
  • 1 x Benutzerhandbuch


Kabel & Zubehör, dass Sie benötigen könnten:

  1. Bitte überprüfen Sie, ob der Radio-Antennenanschluss Ihres Fahrzeugs mit der Abbildung übereinstimmt und sich in der Konsole befindet. Eventuell müssen Sie ein Adapterkabel (ISO-FAKRA) bestellen, um die Installation abzuschließen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie Fragen haben.
  2. Überprüfen Sie bitte, ob der Radio-Antennenanschluss Ihres Fahrzeugs mit der Abbildung übereinstimmt oder sich im Kofferraum befindet. Möglicherweise müssen Sie zwei Verlängerungskabel (ISO-FAKRA und FM-Verlängerung) bestellen, um die Installation abzuschließen. 
  3. Wenn das Originalradio Ihres Fahrzeugs einen 4,3 Zoll oder 7 Zoll Bildschirm mit einem 12-poligen Stecker hat, bzw. sich das Radio im Heck Ihres Fahrzeugs befindet, benötigen Sie ein zusätzliches 6m langes Verlängerungskabel, um die Installation durchzuführen. (EXL005)
  4. Wenn Ihr Werksradio über eine DSP-Taste verfügt bzw. einen DSP-Verstärker besitzt, benötigen Sie unser Resler Modul und eine BC+DSP Lizenz.
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