BMW Radio extension 6 meters | EXL005

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  • EXL005
  I CE/ACS/EXL005   Extra long 6 meter wiring harness for BMW. Suitable...meer
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Extra long 6 meter wiring harness for BMW. Suitable for radios with Old and New Generation Quadlock connector.

The EXL005 developed by XTRONS is a universal extension cable for BMW vehicles with OEM navi. Due to the design of these systems, the stereo connections are located in the trunk, which can cause problems when installing an aftermarket stereo system. Previous add-ons were only compatible with the model of stereo being installed, making it difficult to find an alternative solution. The EXL005 was designed specifically to solve this problem - the universal quadlock means that this cable can be used to fit any aftermarket stereo system with a standard quadlock connector. With the right adapter, you can even install a device with ISO connector with this cable.

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