Dashcam mit Fahrassistens (ADAS) | DVR030S

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  • DVR030S
  ICE/SS/DVR030S   Elegant appearance and design 85º rotatable angle...още
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Elegant appearance and design

85º rotatable angle

Allows you to set the optimal shooting angle.

170º wide viewing angle

Minimize blind spots and capture wider scenes in front of your car's windshield.


Real-time monitoring with GPS data

With built-in GPS data support, you can monitor real-time video with vehicle speed and exact location via the app. It also supports picture-in-picture mode, so you can monitor the DVR while using the car stereo for other tasks.


1280x720 video recording

The DVR030S can capture every moment in great detail with the HD lens and record audio at the same time with the built-in microphone.



With the built-in ADAS function, the DVR030S can automatically warn you via voice output when it detects a sudden lane change or a possible collision. The function supports custom settings to meet the needs of different drivers.

Lane departure warning | Collision warning in advance


Simultaneous audio recording

Keep more information about all events.


Emergency recording

Record the seconds before the event and lock the video.


Loop recording

Enjoy continuous recording without running out of memory.


Easy installation

With the 230cm USB cable and sturdy sticker, you can easily connect the USB cable to your Android car stereo and install the DVR030 anywhere on your car dashboard. You can even install it upside down as you can reverse the video in the dashcam settings of the device.

Note: This DVR is ONLY compatible with XTRONS PSF, PSA, PSP, MA, QF, Q series products.





Item includes:

  • 1 x Dashcam
  • 1 x 230cm USB cable
  • 1 x user manual
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