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With this app license the following functions of the app are unlocked: Displaying and...още
Информация за продукта "I-BUS App - OBC+DSP License"

With this app license the following functions of the app are unlocked:

  • Displaying and resetting of OBC data
  • Displaying of OBC data in instrument cluser (speed, coolant, oil temperature or voltage)
  • Coding of US sidemarkers,hazard flashing double pulse, coming home lights and daytime running light via high/low beam
  • Coding of PDC switch-on/switch-off signal, switch-off criterion and rear volume
  • Coding of TimeOut of the DSP plus factory coding
  • "Panic" button for immediate reset of all US encodings
  • Light control with storable sequence (6 memories)
  • PDC visualization and distance display
  • Switch on/off auxiliary heating/ventilation
  • Fold mirror in/out
  • Comfort blinking (2 - 7x adjustable)
  • Turn light via fog lights
  • Daytime running light via front fog lights or parking lights from ignition stage 1 or 2
  • Automatic locking after xx km/h
  • Automatic unlocking with ignition stage 0 and/or handbrake applied
  • Display of vehicle informations


  • control of the original DSP amplifier with memory selection, equalizer, room/echo and balance, faders and treble, bass adjustment
  • only for OEM BMW DSP amplifier (Do I have DSP?)

Apart from the App (license) and the Resler Interface, no additional changes to the cabling are necessary to control the DSP.
Indications from radio manufacturers that these do not work with DSP are thus obsolete.

Here you find a list of all functions of the app


Note: The display of all values shown in the examples pictures requires intact hardware of the vehicle. Exceptions are the E46, E83, E85 and E86, where no oil temperature can be displayed without additional hardware/software (DeepOBD or eKombi). 

For using the application the electrical integration of a  Resler Modul and an Android device (from version 5.1) with full USB connection is required.

Please note: What do I need to use the I-BUS App?

Download the app (zip-file)

The app can be used in the following vehicles:  BMW 5er E39 (1995-2004) BMW 7er... mehr

The app can be used in the following vehicles: 

  • BMW 5er E39 (1995-2004)
  • BMW 7er E38 (1994-2001)
  • BMW X3 E83 (2004-2010)
  • BMW X5 E53 (1999-2006)
  • BMW Z4 E85 E86 (2002-2008)
  • BMW New Mini One and Cooper R50 (2001-2006)
  • BMW New Mini Convertible R52 (2005-2008)
  • BMW New Mini Cooper S R53 (2001-2006)
  • BMW Range Rover L30 [L322] (1999-2003)
  • BMW Rover 75 R40 (1999-2005)
  • BMW MG ZT X10 / ZT-T X11 (2001-2005)
  • BMW Rolls Royce Phantom RR1 (2003-..)
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Оценка от клиента за "I-BUS App - OBC+DSP License"
15.02.2024 г.

the app and module are a must have on a bimmer e83.

i have enjoyed using the app and it make my car more modern. i would recommend this app.

16.12.2023 г.

A must have on your Bimmer

Getting the App for you bimmer is a plus it help you kept the information you lose when upgrade to an Android unit there are some things you need to configure and understand but on the wiki part the guide is perfect you will be more than pleased with iBusapp

7.12.2023 г.

Best app

This is by far the best app i have ever bought for any device, even though it is for my BMW. It does everything it says and works perfectly. The support from these guys is also impeccable. Highly recommend this app and this company.

4.12.2023 г.

Licenses pour E39 Phase 2 de 2002

Sur E39 Phase 2 de 2002 avec un poste Erisin ES8153B , Licence OBC+DSP activé sans souci.
Je recommande à ceux qui n'ont plus le poste d'origine BMW

30.06.2023 г.

Tres bien


28.02.2023 г.


8.02.2023 г.


Easy to install, works perfectly.
I got a fast assistance by mail cause i did a mistake with my vin.
100% recommanded

14.12.2022 г.


всё супер доволен как слон !!!

10.10.2022 г.

Very satisfied

Useful functionality for old car and maybe for new also . Beautifully designed and very clean interface . All functions that i needed all there .

4.02.2022 г.


Very nice product no problem to install is work perfect

30.01.2022 г.

Well done job, only issues server acces with older android radio (5.1.1)

The module works well. Only issues with server communication for activation of the I-Bus app. Hope will be fixed soon. When fixed worth a 10! Now missing al lot of functions.

21.01.2022 г.

Excellent custom service

When you do not fall into the standard installation category it is then that you realise the excellent customer support and extra service that elevates what they provide. First Class.

14.09.2021 г.

Best purchase ever

Works as it should! Makes full audio systems functional such as subwoofer and DSP- retains steering wheel controls, and gives you access to OBC functions, light control, etc. Essentially everything you can get to with the onboard computer as well as engine codes.

11.07.2021 г.

Excellent product and app

Initially it may seem daunting etc but watching the video on how to connect it and following the instructions makes it pretty straight forward. I'm using it on a L322 Range Rover Vogue and its working perfectly. The only thing I haven't yet worked out is how to tell it that I'm in a right hand drive car!

Администратор 12.07.2021 г.

Hello Parvez,
thank you for feedback.
To invert the display of the doors, you must enable the "Mirror doors" option in the central locking settings.

5.06.2021 г.

I kept my original sat nav and radio as I had fitting issues with an Xtrons head unit so added Samsung Tablet to dash and installed Car Launcher

Also fixed the cluster pin lights on my 1998 E38 740il. Added an FM transmitter that accepts two bluetooth transmitters (tablet and IPhone) updated Sat Nav disc to 2020 version, so have all old functionality except Analog TV but found an AUX TX/RX bluetooth box to TV in rear. Added Amazon Car Echo.
Resler module works a dream and have DRL, PDC al working was also able to add the resler output to widgets in the car launcher so can swap out of IBus app and read values on a google map screen. Overall excellent, still fiddling and added things as I discover new ways to use the data.

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