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  • USBDAB04
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DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting), known for its better sound quality and strong signal reception, has gradually replaced traditional analog broadcasting AM/FM. Connect the USB stick to XTRONS Android head units, and you can receive DAB+ digital radio through your car stereo and enjoy audiophile sound in your car.


  • Audiophile high-fidelity sound: you can enjoy CD-quality sound without distortion.
  • Multi-channel selection: One frequency covers multiple channels - convenient and easy to access your favorite programs.
  • Super strong anti-interference: SNR is over 95db, encryption rate is 192kbps, which is suitable for use in intense moving environment such as car.
  • Faster switching: one station covers multiple channels, making it more convenient to switch between radio stations.
  • Detailed channel information: You can see exactly what you are listening to!


Easy installation

Connect the USB stick to the USB port of XTRONS Android head unit, place the DAB+ antenna in the optimal position in your car.

Installation of the DAB antenna

  • Remove the A-pillar trim from the passenger side.
  • Scrape some paint off the A-pillar to attach the copper grounding lug. (Please tear off the sticker from the ground lug surface and make sure the ground lug is well connected to the vehicle ground).
  • Attach the antenna to the windshield once the copper ground lug is attached. (Please try to position the antenna at least 60 mm away from the roof of the vehicle, and place the antenna facing upwards).
  • Run the cable to the back of the DAB stick and connect it for testing. Reinstall the A-pillar when finished.
  • Alternatively, it is also possible to use other DAB+ antennas or a splitter.

Important information: This USB DAB+ radio receiver stick is specifically for XTRONS Android radios only.

Note: No support for DAB+ in North America.


Item includes: 1 x USB DAB dongle 1 x DAB+ antenna 1x USB Type-C cable mehr

Item includes:

  • 1 x USB DAB dongle
  • 1 x DAB+ antenna
  • 1x USB Type-C cable
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