3x WAGO terminal through connector

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With these WAGO terminals, the Resler module can be easily installed in the wiring harness of...още
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With these WAGO terminals, the Resler module can be easily installed in the wiring harness of an Android radio. There is no need to install the module/interface by soldering.



  1. Partially expose wiring harness from fabric tape
  2. Find out correct pin numbers on quadlock connector (see wiki)
  3. Cut cable for +12V, ground and I-BUS at the cable harness
  4. Strip both ends of wiring harness and cable from module 11 mm each
  5. +12V, ground and I-BUS cable from one side of the harness and from module well twisted
  6. Insert cable ends for +12V, ground and I-BUS from both sides into the terminal as far as it will go and close the terminal.
  7. Check by pulling lightly if everything is seated securely

Video for installation:



To use the I-BUS app, the Resler module and an app license are also required.


Here you can find a list of all functions of the app


Scope of delivery: 3x WAGO 221-2411

(Resler module / Resler USB I-BUS interface or cable harness are not part of the scope of delivery)

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