Xtrons Autoradio TIX125LS | Drehbarer Bildschirm | Android 12 | 8 GB RAM 128 GB ROM | Universal

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  • TIX125LS
  ICE/HU/TIX125L Highlights at a glance: Rotatable screen and integrated...още
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Highlights at a glance:

  • Rotatable screen and integrated gravity sensor
  • Adjustable viewing angle (tilts up to 40°, swivels up to 40°, moves vertically within 50mm)
  • Octa-core Cortex-A75*2+Cortex-A55*6 processor, 1.8GHz, 12nm, 32/64 bits, Mail-G52 GPU
  • Latest Android 12.0 operating system, highest performance and experience
  • 8GB RAM (DDR4), 128GB ROM (SSD)
  • 10.1 inch QLED IPS screen
  • 1280*720 resolution, 1080P video playback
  • XTRONS UI (quick menu bar, actual menu bar)
  • Built-in global 4G LTE modem, supports 99% of carriers worldwide
  • Built-in wireless CarAutoPlay - Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in wireless and wired Android Auto - Bluetooth and USB cable connection
  • Fast and accurate GPS navigation
  • Instant reverse mode Compatible with AHD camera (not included).
  • Real-time rear view, wider angle and clear night vision
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Built-in ROHM DSP, high fidelity personalized music while driving
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 - more stable audio transmission
  • Dual band WiFi module (2.4GHz and 5GHz band), more flexible to connect
  • Easily share mobile network through USB tethering
  • Multitasking split-screen display
  • PIP - video playback with picture-in-picture
  • STMicroelectronics TDA7708 Radio - AM/FM bands, RDS capable, multipath noise mitigation
  • STMicroelectronics TDA7388 amplifier chip - 4*45W stereo sound
  • Built-in 2 USB ports and SD slot
  • External microphones included
  • Custom aluminum heat sink
  • Diagnose vehicle status ( OBD01 and OBD02 and OBD03 and OBD04 are optional)
  • Support DAB + Digital Radio (USBDAB01 and USBDAB02 and USBDAB03 are optional)
  • Supports tire pressure monitoring system function (TPMS07 and TPMS08 are optional)
  • Supports 4G & 3G Internet (4G dongle and 3G dongle are optional)
  • Supports external DVR (DVR025S and DVR027S and DVR028 and DVR030-ADAS optional)
  • Supports external microphone (MIC001 & MIC002 & MIC003 & MIC004 are optional)
  • Supports AHD rear camera (CAM1080 and CAM721 and CAM009Soptional )
  • Supports rear view camera (CAM005 and CAM006 and CAM007 and CAM009 optional )
  • Supports front view camera (CAM001F optional)
  • Supports USB port to HDMI output conversion (USBHDMI adapter optional)
  • Supports USB port to RCA output port (USBRCA adapter optional)
  • Please note: The item has no DVD drive.
Xtrons Series: IX
Screen size: 10,1"
Bildschirmauflösung: 1280x480 Pixel
Android Version: Android 12
CPU: Octa-Core
Memory: 128 GB
DVD drive: Kein Laufwerk vorhanden
CarPlay/Android Auto: integrated
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