Xtrons QSB12X3UN | BMW | E83 | 10" | Android 12 | Qualcomm | Octa Core | 4GB RAM | 64GB ROM

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  • QSB12X3UN
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Octa-Core 64bit

Based on the industry-leading Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, the new Octa-Core processor features 14nm technology and integrated 64-bit computing.

It delivers better power efficiency and stronger processing capabilities to handle complex tasks, so you can have more fun with the latest Android 10.0 OS.



Made for BMW

XTRONS' revolutionary dual system is tailor-made for BMW vehicles and their original OS. Not only does the system seamlessly fit the dashboard, but it also perfectly integrates the latest Android operating system into your vehicle, making the dash smarter than ever before. Without uninstalling your CD player, radio and iDrive, you can now simply swipe the screen and enter a new world of entertainment and 4G communication.

A new world of entertainment without having to remove your old stereo.


Smooth operation - 64GB ROM plus 4GB RAM.

More ROM means you can do much, much more. The 4GB of internal memory makes data processing fast and efficient, while the 64GB of memory provides enough space to store your favorite apps and keep them running optimally.



Connect your smartphone to your car

We've equipped XTRONS Q-Series car stereos with the latest Car Auto Play and Android Auto, giving you an incredibly intuitive way to access GPS, calls, music, Google Assistant and Siri from cell phones while you're on the road for a truly connected experience.

Wireless CarPlay and Wired Android Auto

  • Supports Android phone with Android 4.3 and later.
  • Supports iPhone 5 and later models with iOS 8 and later.



Crystal Clear

The 10.25-inch IPS display will amaze you with its brilliant, high-resolution image quality. The anti-reflective touchscreen delivers outstanding clarity, contrast and brightness.

Catch every single crisp, clear and vivid image from the wide 178° viewing angle without eye fatigue or discomfort.



  • Separate Bluetooth module
  • Separate WLAN module
  • Supports original radio
  • HQ amplifier chip
  • 64 GB ROM/4 GB RAM
  • Super accurate GPS chip
  • Multi-window view
  • Support 2K video


Original car information display

Integrates vehicle-centric features. Speed, fuel level, oil pressure and safety warnings are now displayed on the dashboard in the theme you choose.

Speed | engine speed | remaining fuel | temperature | parking brake | seat belt reminder

  • Original radio
  • Original CD player
  • Rear view camera display
  • Bluetooth
  • Video input connectors

A dashcam records your driving from the dashboard and provides features such as collision recording, which can lower your insurance premium. A front or rear camera provides a more accurate picture of the world around you, which means safer driving and safer maneuvers for you and your passengers.

Note: The DVR, front camera and rear camera are not included (XTRONS DVR023S, DVR025S, DVR027S, DVR028 and DVR029 are compatible).

Split screen mode
Now you can switch between apps and run two apps side by side on the screen. So you can stream your favorite music while you navigate, or make a call while your browser is open. Simple and intuitive.




Intuitive user interface

Large icons for easy control of key functions so you can focus on the road.


2K video player

Equipped with the latest video decoder that supports 2K video playback and is compatible with most video formats, you and your passengers can watch all your favorite movies on the go.


Built-in GPS receiver module with external GPS antenna

Supports Sygic, iGO, Waze and any other navigation software compatible with Android OS. Don't worry about getting lost anymore.


Hands-free calling and audio streaming - supports Bluetooth 5.0

A discrete Bluetooth module that ensures full compatibility with the latest phones with Bluetooth 5.0.


Dual-band WLAN connectivity

Works well with both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ WLAN. Be ready for the new generation of 5G networks for better, faster and more reliable connections


DAB+ Tuner Ready

Connect a USB radio receiver stick and enjoy better sound quality and stronger signal for digital audio channels.

(DAB+ radio receiver stick is not included. XTRONS USBDAB01, USBDAB02, and USBDAB03 are compatible).


DIY retrofit kit included

Provides a safe and conventional way to interact with your upgraded system, just like the original. The controller included in the Q Series package brings your car to life with a simple wired connection.


Amplifier system

Retains the original fiber optic sound system, such as your Harman Kardon.



Explore your options and maximize your system with our range of accessories. Make the most of technology in your car.



Enjoy audiophile level sound in your car.

XTRONS USBDAB01/USBDAB02/USBDAB03 is compatible 



Monitors your tire pressure and temperature

XTRONS TPMS07 is compatible



A window for you to diagnose the status of the vehicle

OBD04 is compatible



Helps you record your trip on the road

XTRONS DVR023S, DVR025S, DVR027S, DVR028, DVR030 are compatible



Facilitates the input of information

XTRONS AMK003 is compatible



Surf the Internet with a 3G/4G dongle

XTRONS 4GDONG001 and 3GDONG008 are compatible



Ensure the safety of your ride

XTRONS CAM005/CAM006/CAM007/CAM009/CAM001F are compatible



Makes Bluetooth handsfree driving safer and easier

XTRONS MIC001 & MIC002 & MIC003 & MIC004 are compatible

Xtrons Series: QS
Produktmaße: Hauptgerät:: 280x115mm
Screen size: 10,25"
Bildschirmauflösung: 1280x480 Pixel
Android Version: Android 12
CPU: Qualcomm Octa-core
Memory: 64 GB
DVD drive: Kein Laufwerk vorhanden
CarPlay/Android Auto: integrated
BMW Series: X3 E83
Suitable for BMW X3 E83 (2004-2009) without on-board monitor. The device can also be installed... mehr

Suitable for BMW X3 E83 (2004-2009) without on-board monitor. The device can also be installed in vehicles with on-board monitor. However, the operating option of the original system is omitted.

With the included iDrive controller it is possible to control the device without touch.

Resler module and BC license for displaying the on-board computer data not included.

Included accessories: 1 x ISO wiring harness 1 x RCA cable 1 x audio cable 1... mehr

Included accessories:

  • 1 x ISO wiring harness
  • 1 x RCA cable
  • 1 x audio cable
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x GPS antenna
  • 1 x 4G antenna
  • 1 x mini speaker
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x installation guide
  • 1 x iDrive Controller

If your factory radio has a DSP button or has a DSP amplifier, you will need our Resler module and a BC+DSP license.

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